Tidbits of Torah


 Parashat Bo

Inclusive Communities 

January 12, 2019 – 6 Shevat 5779  

Dear Friends,


The wonder of Torah is its eternal relevance throughout the generations.

This week’s Parsha reminds us of just how important it is for us to support inclusiveness in our communities.

When Pharaoh said to Moses: “Okay, you go and take the men with you,”  But, Moses was determined.  He stood his ground.  And, Moses replied to Pharaoh: “We will go with our young and our old, we will go with our sons and our daughters” (Exodus 10:9).

Later, in the Parsha, mention is made of preparations for the first Passover and the celebration of the Exodus that is about to happen.  We read in the Torah: “There shall be one law for the native-born, and for the stranger who resides among you (Exodus 12:49).

Inclusive communities benefit from their determination to respect the various stages of human life.   They flourish when they recognize and value various life perspectives of a wide variety of folks.  Not everyone is the same.  But, all are significant.  All are created by God.  All are valued.  The concept of inclusive communities represents a goal that reflects the highest values of our Torah.


Shabbat Shalom!


Rabbi Gilah Dror