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Stay Warm!

January 6, 2018 – 19 Tevet 5778

Dear Friends,

It’s cold outside! I hope you are indoors and managing to stay warm! And, if you are outdoors, I hope it is only temporary. I hope that you are enjoying the unexpected gift of a snow day and/or the delights of playing in the snow.

Local weather issues aside, I invite us to imagine ourselves standing in Moses’ shoes (or sandals), in the heavenly warmth of the desert, as he took in the amazing sight of the burning bush!

I imagine that the burning bush, which has become a powerful symbol in our tradition, reminded Moses of the inextinguishable flame of his soul. I imagine it reminded him of the eternal light that is reflected within the souls of each and every one of us. I imagine it reminded him that he could not, in good conscience, run away forever.

Snow may be fun for a while. But, no matter what the changing physical and communal conditions around us may be, the warmth of the inner flame that keeps us going throughout our lives is at the heart of what makes our human existence so meaningful.

So, stay warm! Stay connected to the internal spark that reminds us of our humanity. Stay attuned to our capacity to care about causes and about people.

And, may our lives be illuminated by the eternal power of our Torah’s sacred stories!

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Gilah Dror