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Shabbat Parashat Nitsavim

October 1, 2016 – 28 Elul 5776

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Shana Tova U’metukah – a good and a sweet new year!

I really look forward to celebrating the beginning of the new Jewish year, 5777, with you on Sunday evening at 8 pm! Join us for a beautiful service which will be enhanced greatly by your presence and by your participation!

This Shabbat, the Shabbat preceding Rosh HaShana, we read the Torah portion of Nitsavim. The Hebrew word Nitsavim means: “standing firmly.” In its original context, Moses used the word to describe the people of Israel as they stood before God and re-affirmed their covenant with God.

As I read the word Nitsavim today, I think of Shimon Peres, may he rest in peace. Peres’ life was an example of a person who stands firm in his commitment to strive for the best for the Jewish people, for Israel, and for humanity. Despite life’s setbacks, Peres worked tirelessly throughout his life to ensure that Israel shall not only survive, but shall also flourish and become a true light unto the nations. Now, it is up to us to continue….

May we be strengthened by the words of Torah and inspired by the lives of great leaders to continue standing firmly in our commitment to Torah and to Jewish values. Now, it is up to us to continue moving forward toward a better tomorrow.

May we enjoy this Shabbat, and may we be privileged to celebrate the beginning of the new Jewish year of 5777 together on this Rosh HaShana!

Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova U’metukah [a good and a sweet new year]!
Rabbi Gilah Dror