Shabbat Parashat B’Shalach Shabbat Shira The Best Is Yet To Come

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the warm wishes, generous donations, and for the Kiddush Luncheon in my honor this Shabbat!  I truly appreciate our congregation taking part in the celebration of the two JTS awards that I am being honored with this year.  It has been a blessing for me to have had such a wonderfully active and creative congregation in which I could serve as rabbi for the past (almost) two decades! And, I look forward to the future with a feeling of great joy and gratitude in my heart.

This Shabbat, Shabbat Shira, the Shabbat in which we read the Song of the Sea, resonates with celebrations and with joy and gratitude.  In ancient times, Moses and Miriam and our people sang in great joy when they successfully crossed the Red Sea.  This Shabbat we relive their joy and gratitude.  But, most importantly, the Song of the Sea begins with an introduction: “Az Yashir Moshe u’v’nay Yisrael...”  In Hebrew, Az Yashir literally means: In the future, Moses and the people of Israel will sing.

Celebrations in which we can look forward to future endeavors are the best celebrations.

As is described of Moses and the people of Israel in our Torah portion “Az Yashir“, may we all experience joy and gratitude in our present lives, and look forward to the best that is yet to come in the future!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Gilah Dror