Shabbat Parashat Bo More Ways Than One…

Dear Friends,

It’s nice to know what to expect when we come to services. It’s nice to feel comfortable in our surroundings. Yet, when Moses asks Pharaoh to let our people go so that they may worship God, Moses tells Pharaoh something surprising. Moses tells Pharaoh that he cannot know in advance how exactly will we perform the service of God(Exodus 10:26). Essentially, Moses says: We won’t know what the service will look like until we get there….

Tonight we will gather for Sisterhood Shabbat. There will be some new melodies and some yoga inspired possibilities. Tonight, we may not know exactly what the service will look like until we get there. But, that’s okay…because there are more ways than one to serve God. There are more ways than one to connect to our people.

Certainly, there is value to knowing what to expect. But, there is also value to “mixing it up” from time to time. Come tonight and enjoy Sisterhood Shabbat where the unexpected melds with the expected and where the service of the heart is expanded by our openness to new spiritual possibilities. I look forward to seeing you there.

Special thanks to all of our volunteers who make Sisterhood Shabbat so special!

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Gilah Dror