Conservative Movement Stands with San Diego

Dear Friends,

We are all appalled by the most recent attack on a synagogue in California.

This is what I posted in Facebook in response to the news:

“The message of Passover is “never lose hope” of attaining freedom, of valuing human life, of caring about our lives and about the lives of those around us. The news about today’s attack on the synagogue in Poway, Calif. reminds us that we still have work to do to combat hatred and to bring peace, comfort, blessing, and greater understanding to our world.”

I share with you also, below, the official statement of the entire Conservative Movement, as posted today.

And, following that, I share with you the Secure Communities Network’s practical security recommendations for congregations, as forwarded to our president, Steve Shapiro, by USCJ.

May we see a  more peaceful world, speedily, in our time!

Conservative/Masorti Movement Appalled by Chabad of Poway Shooting

Posted on: Sunday April 28, 2019

At our Seder tables, we retell the Exodus story of the liberation from bondage of the Jewish people. Throughout the Passover holiday, we read of the power of redemption. Sadly, at the very same time when we celebrate the gift of freedom, we also recall the history of anti-semitism which weighs so heavily on us today.

We are deeply saddened and outraged at yet another senseless shooting of worshippers at prayer. This time, at the Chabad synagogue of Poway in San Diego County, one innocent woman has been murdered and three injured, including a child and the synagogue’s rabbi. It is not lost on us that this violence came both on Shabbat and the end of Passover, exactly six months to the day after the deadly shooting of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community.

Jews and all people of faith should be able to enter their houses of worship and live out the lives of their faith without fear, whether in Paris, Oak Creek, Charleston, Pittsburgh, Christchurch, Opelousas, Sri Lanka, Sunnyvale or Poway.

Deeply angered that modern-day anti-semitism has led to the increasing number of attacks on synagogues and Jewish institutions in the United States, we must stand together and condemn all hatred and bigotry. We need to be among the voices that oppose the rising tide of white nationalism and racism, as well as anti-semitism. We must be clear that language matters and indifference to it breeds violence.

The Jewish Community has kept the promise of redemption alive for thousands of years. We will not be deterred as we, along with people of all faiths, continue to work for the day when “Everyone will sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree and no one will make them afraid. (Micah 4:4)

Rabbinical Assembly


Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs

Jewish Educators Assembly

Jewish Theological Seminary

Jewish Youth Director’s Association

Masorti Movement in Israel

Mercaz Olami


The Schechter Institutes, Inc.

Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism

The Zacharias Frankel College

Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies

Secure Community Network recommendations for security, as forwarded to our president, Steve Shapiro, by USCJ:

Please note that our partner SCN (Secure Community Network) is recommending that congregations maintain heightened awareness and vigilance and has provided the following suggested security guidance and protective measures for review and consideration:

  • Encourage all members of the community – professional and lay leadership, staff, faculty, students and community members – to exercise heightened situational awareness
  • Convene your Security Committee or Crisis Management Team to review current security program, policies, and procedures, discussing appropriate measures for your facility, organization and community
  • Focus on access control: monitor and control who is coming into your facility. Keep access points to a minimum, preferably single entry/egress points when practical
  • Establish or renew contact with your local law enforcement to ensure they are familiar with your facility, current security concerns and are aware of any services or special events
  • Ensure all individuals, particularly greeters, ushers and other staff, are trained to observe & report suspicious activity and are familiar with emergency procedures (i.e. evacuations)
  • Announce to attendees, prior to the start of the event, any relevant emergency procedures and/or policies
  • Establish a crisis communications plan and capability to include both internal and external communications and messaging
  • Consider the use of off-duty police as deemed necessary for the scope, size and location of services or events at your facility
  • Conduct internet and social media searches on any events to determine if anyone is actively discussing it, including any discussions calling unwanted attention toward your facility or promoting protests or violence

Thank you,

Leslie Lichter                                                   Ned Gladstein
COO                                                                   President



Rabbi Gilah Dror